Kosher Certification

With over 50 years as a kosher certification agency, Dallas Kosher has the expertise and professionalism to assist you in expanding your business to the kosher market. Start your application today.

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 5 Steps to become certified:

1. Apply. The kosher certification application includes listing all the products you manufacture and their ingredients.

2. Analyze. Our experts analyze your ingredients to se if there might be any kosher concerns.

3. Inspect. We then schedule an initial inspection, where one of our Rabbis will visit your facility to identify any potential issues or concerns. He will partner with you to resolve issues and source approved ingredients.

4. Approve. To determine whether you qualify for kosher certification, the Rabbi will submit a written report for review by our standards and pricing committees.

5. Sign. Once you have been qualified, an annual contract for kosher certification will be drawn up for your signature! Mazal Tov!

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