With a legacy of over 50 years, Dallas Kosher is the oldest kosher certification agency in the Southwest.  Our nonprofit agency provides quality kosher supervision and certification for demanding consumers and companies in our region and beyond. 

Our trademarked symbol, the DK, is recognized and approved by major certifying agencies around the world.  We are proud to be a member of AKO, the Association for Kashrus Organizations. We certify local supermarkets, bakeries and restaurants, as well as over 70 commercial manufacturing facilities.   

Let us help you with all your kosher needs!

Dallas Kosher promotes the observance of kashrut through supervision, education and service.



We always like to shine the spotlight on our Dallas Kosher members. Your support will influence our community positively toward the observance of Kashrus and all Mitzvot. May you continue to help us promote kosher food and kosher services in Dallas, as we've been doing for over six decades. 


Dallas Kosher is starting a new committee, which will be known as the Community Advisory Committee, the CAC. This committee is comprised of over 28 congregations, organizations and schools throughout the Dallas Jewish community.


The goals of the CAC are: 

-To strengthen relationships within the community 

-Showcase programming by Dallas Kosher that would be helpful to their organization 


The CAC also has a goal to establish relationships with the Jewish organizations to engage in a dialogue about the benefits and relevance of Dallas Kosher. Our first meeting had a wonderful turnout and we look forward to a successful year. 


Dallas Kosher certifies the following: six dairy establishments, Four meat establishments. Three grocery stores- two Tom Thumb locations. Whole Foods coffee bar, smoothie bar, seasonal fishmonger, fruit trays and salsa. Visit their page for more info.