What is Kosher?

What is kosher? A Hebrew word meaning ‘fit,’ it is not the rabbi blessing the food, health food, organic or any other popular misconception! It is, however, a set of biblical dietary guidelines followed by people of the Jewish faith, Muslims and some Christian groups such as Seventh Day Adventists.



Statistics show that many kosher consumers are not Jewish. These consumers are people who perceive kosher to be cleaner, better and healthier! That may certainly be the case, but it isn’t what kosher means.


Kosher in the world

KosherFest, the largest kosher trade-show in the world, sets the value of the kosher food market at over $12.5 billion. Kosher is no longer a niche segment. With Fortune 500 companies such as Nabisco, P&G, M&M and Mars among others committed to being kosher, it’s no wonder its “in” to be kosher today.



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The largest kashrut agency in the Southwest region. Involved in more than just Dallas, but nearby states as well as Mexico! 


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Our DK trademarked symbol is recognized and approved by major certifying agencies around the world. in addition, our certification portfolio includes commercial manufacturing facilities, hotels, supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants.

Dallas Kosher, a member-supported nonprofit agency, is the oldest kosher certification in the Southwest. For the past half-century, we have provided quality kosher certification and supervision for demanding companies and consumers throughout the Southwest region and beyond.



With over 50 years as a kosher certification agency, Dallas Kosher has the expertise and professionalism to assist you in expanding your business to the kosher market. Start your application today.

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