Dallas Kosher is supported by members in our community.  Our organization is governed by a Board of Directors whose members come from Orthodox, Conservative and Reform congregations, and our members range from those for whom Kashruth is a way of life to those who want to ensure the availability of kosher food for everyone in the community.

While each of us may be at different levels of observance, the DK sets the community standard in Dallas that is inclusive of everyone and one with which all of us can be comfortable. In order to serve the community, we have a staff of four professionals: Rabbi Sholey Klein and Rabbi David Shawel, who have responsibility for kashruth supervision and certification and education. Our administrative assistant Mary Stevenson, is the liaison between rabbis and vendors in processing approved letters for kosher products and ingredients. Mary also works with members for donations and dues, as well as assists in kashrut questions under the direction of the rabbis. Our Executive Director Cindy Meira Naor has responsibility for vendor relations and community relations; she is also a liaison between members and vendors, and business/fiscal matters.

Dallas Kosher is supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and by families and individuals like you. Your support is a positive expression of our community's commitment to Kashruth, Torah and Jewish continuity. Memberships support education and local services to Jewish organizations and schools, as well as community events like the renowned Kosher Chili Cookoff. Our services to the community include answering many kosher questions from consumers and koshering homes at no charge. Your membership assists our organization to provide these services to our growing community.

We offer several levels of membership. All contributions are tax deductible, including membership.

Underwriter$ 1000

Patron$ 500-999

Benefactor$ 250-499

Supporter$ 180-249

Contributor$ 100-179

Member$ 36-99

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